It is crucial to work with an excavation company that focuses on the safety of those who are involved during your construction project. To know the safety factors to consider and must be practice during any excavation work, keep on reading this article. 


Excavation Toronto Safety Tips 

Excavation is the procedure of moving rock or soil by cutting a trench or cavity to create space in the earth. Nowadays.  Excavation is typical in several ongoing construction projects. Moreover, safety has become the main concern during excavation session since working around heavy equipment and in naturally unstable soil could cause unforeseen accidents. Because of this, hiring an excavation company who prioritizes the safety of those involved in such a project is a must. 

Kinds of excavation 

In every construction project, land preparation and excavation are the most important aspect. There are different types of excavation and some of them include the following: 

  • Footing structures 
  • Channel and drainage work 
  • Debris and sediment excavation 
  • Basement excavation 
  • Trench cutting 
  • Fill Excavation 
  • Large area cut excavation 
  • Muck excavation 
  • Rock clearing and excavation 
  • Topsoil removal 

Possible safety risks 

In excavation work, it is possible to have safety hazards. Such hazards include injuries caused by being in contact with utility line or mobile equipment, hazardous atmospheres, falling equipment, or a worker that falls into an excavated area. To prevent injury to equipment and people, it’s vital to choose a trusted excavation company that uses proper safety procedures and comprehensive safety training. 

Safety precautions to practice during excavation work. 

As an old adage says, “prevention is better than cure.” A professional and experienced renovation and excavation company will be ready to offer the protection precautions below to prevent having any instances of damage and injury: 

  • Safety and personal protective equipment are utilized all the time. 
  • Atmospheres should be inspected for possible toxic contaminants. 
  • Mobile tools and gears are incorporated with warning systems that can notify operators of dangerous areas. 
  • Employees aren’t permitted below areas where tons of digging tools might fall. Moreover, workers are required to stand away from machinery unloading or loading materials. 
  • Employees subjected to vehicular traffic are provided reflectorized coats or vests. 
  • Ramps, ladders, or stairs are provided or built to enable safe access and way out for trench excavations. 

Monitor possible safety issues and conditions 

A qualified excavation company, such as Excavation Toronto, will inspect the areas provided below to get ready for any potential safety problems: 

What kind of soil is included? Doing this could determine which protective precaution must be used like trench boxes and shoring. 

How much water within the space that needs to be excavated? 

Are there any reports of excavation in this area before that possibly weakens the soil? 

Is there equipment vibration that could loosen the soil and shake the ground hazardously? 

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