Keep the common space of your family free from chaos. Follow these simple and easy steps to clear clutter and organize your living room to achieve an ever beautiful space.


1. Use a Wastebasket

If trash often accumulates in your living room, welcoming a wastebasket may minimize the clutter. Some living rooms have a trash bin in them but they can smell and often not attractive. However, you can counteract this by selecting a wastebasket that can fit the decoration of your living room. If you have kids in the family and know that food will be sometimes thrown away in the wastebasket, you can buy one with a lid as well as some deodorizing trash bags to minimize the smell.

2. Keep Flat Surfaces Free from Clutter

Books, brochures, papers and magazines tend to pile on flat surfaces in your living – and sometimes all around your house. According to organizing experts, you will need to have an information center in your home and your living room might be where that happens. As a matter of fact, your family room is even more cluttered since it is the center of your house and serves as a gathering place. A 2 drawer lateral file is an expert’s recommendation. However, if you do not have space on the floor, a stackable file cart also works perfectly fine.

Try to make a quick sweep of your living room’s flat surfaces by piling all papers in a tray, then purging and sorting as needed. Make it a habit and try to convince your family to practice it also. Ask them to place papers in files or drawers rather than on the chair or coffee table.

3. Control Unruly Cords

Until all technology goes wireless, we will forever be in contact with hard to control behind our entertainment stuffs. Good thing, there are several choices for taming cords in your living room. There is a cable holder that neatly coils cord of up to 6 feet long and has an adhesive backing, which sticks onto nearly all surfaces. A cable caddy often sticks behind the TV console or onto a desktop and has an area for several cords to clamp into. Your cables will still freely dangle. There is also a cable zipper available in the market that encloses all the cords in a tube and it remains as the best bet of most households nowadays.

4. Make Space for Play Zone

When toys are taking over the living room, it is time to give them a break. Unused corners of your living room can be transformed into great play areas since the walls are there to block encroaching toy clutter. In the corners of your living room, you can also put a small children’s table or bookcase. Add rolling bins for storing toys so that your kid does not have to feel confined. However, it is encouraged that you teach the children to pick up and pack away the toys after they are done playing.

5. Make Your Coffee Table More Functional

If your living room has a coffee table or you simply forgot you had one because of the clutter, it is time to reassess its capacity to help your living room organized. Coffee tables that are attractive yet do not have any storage capacity for remote controls, magazines or even drink coasters can only make your life more difficult. If buying a new one is not an option for you, consider adding rolling baskets, low storage cubes or bins that you can stick under the coffee table.

6. Display Photos Creatively

If you have many small photo frames that only adds up to the clutter in your living room, it is the right time to utilize them by displaying them in a more unique way. Collage frames and photo albums are great options for storing many photos at once, while a digital photo frame is handier specifically for those people who do not like to use film. Do not just use the side tables or mantel; make use of the wall’s vertical space to display your precious memories in a nice way. Organizing your pictures by occasion or date in photo boxes is also helpful for those people who like to scrapbook since it can be kept in one location on a bookshelf in your living room.

7. Make Use of Space behind the Sofa

You can organize extra pillows, candles and blankets in an accessible space – behind your sofa. It is actually a great spot to put a cabinet, low bookcase or a trunk. In addition to that, it gives you another space to show off some treasured items or to put a lamp.

8. Maintain a Clean and Fresh Surrounding

Your living room will never be organized if it accumulates dirt. Make sure that you clean your living room regularly by dusting off your furniture, entertainment systems and carpets if you have carpeted flooring. If you need a professional carpet cleaning service, trust only the experts. Trust